4th Street Elevator Links

"What a delightful way to start a Sunday morning! The Sopra Mare Cafe has become quite popular and a must for the "regulars" who seem to truly appreciate the variety offered at the Villa Terrace. However, rarely is the response your "elevator music" received yesterday!! Enthusiastic applause followed every number, and so many people commented on the quality of your group, and you actually had them cheering, reluctant to see it over when you ended. Please come back again and again." 


Thallis Hoyt Drake

Program Arts

Booking agent for the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum

On Milwaukee Band Interview by Royal Brevväxling

Greatest Music Venues in Milwaukee: 

Caroline's Jazz Club

Great Lakes Distillery

Bremen Cafe

Transfer Pizzeria and Cafe

Riverwest Public House Cooperative

Circle-A Cafe

Jazz Unlimited of Greater Milwaukee (list of venues)